Today’s Freebie… Stas – Stalker EP

The Chasing Toulouse crew are back with another corker of an EP. It’s their fourth to date and is on a chilled out garage tip. The original Stas track is a blend of rhodes like chords, simmering cymbals and a luscious vocal lick. On the remix front Forget Me Not takes us on bouncing bassline journey and the one that got us jumping is Dutch duo’s Guestbeats & Kidmalone’s which is a deep driving sub thumper…


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Daniel Avery – Free Floating

It always interests me how music adapts and evolves over the years. Daniel Avery’s latest track is being flagged up by Youtube commenters as a rework of 1993 techno banger ‘Slam Posistive Education’ by Soma. With a similar synth pattern it’s hard to deny the fact, Avery has burrowed much from the early classic, but in doing so he updates and refines it, adding space and depth to the mix and giving it a groove respectful of todays musical zeitgeist.

It feels to me Soma’s track has had the ‘Back to the Future’ treatment, taken a trip in a time machine and crash landed in Shorditch in the year of the iPhone and stumbled into it’s future Barbour jacket clad, side combed haired self.. if those are things that are still cool… you know what I mean.

I’m a fan of both tracks and am sitting on the fence for the moment, but which one do you prefer??

There’s a nifty Matt Walsh remix of Daniel’s track coming out soon too.

Buy the original track here and the preorder the remix due 24th March here

Today’s Freebie… Lemmy Ashton – Breaker Breaker

Today’s free tack is pure disco funky goodness from Lemmy Ashton. Dust off your bell bottoms and comb up your afro, it’s time to get your groove on…


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Lucretio – The Way We Do

Raw goes todays selection. This track is taken from The Analogue Cops four track EP ‘In Plain Clothes’ and is a rolling lick of choice sample, crunchy crispy beats, silky horror show stings and a rabbit hole tumbling melody that draws you in like a tenner on a string…


Buy the funking thing now on Juno