The Future of Garage

Back in the day, when I was a little chav, I stole a mix tape from my pals older brother. I remember listening to it thinking “fuck this choon’s blinding but it goes on for ages…!” That tape turned out to be a Sun City garage cassette circa…what…96-97…

After realising that it was in fact a mix and not just one tune, I was on it. Digging out tunes like Are You Sleeping, Doolally, Lost In Vegas, and My Desire…I was completely hooked. I bought myself some decks, spent all my pocket money on records (and weed) and started pumping out those tunes til the needle wouldn’t stay in the groove. And then one day…it went mainstream! So Solid made the charts, and people from outside London were dancing to it like it was the new thing. But this didn’t bode well with the underground nature of 2step… People stopped playing it and people stopped producing it…

However over the last few years the genre that I love so much has started making a comeback. With oldskool artists like Artful and MJ Cole producing it again and plenty of fresh young talent such as Jamie XX, Disclosure, Red Light, Whistla and too many more to mention all smashing it, things are looking up…

This here then is a showcase of the best of that talent over the past year or so…

I gotta say with music like that around, Garage has never sounded better! Give love to all the artists and buy their music!!


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